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Macab Antenne Wandcontactdoos Doorvoer 2.0 dB Zilver

The frequency ranges for each output are: Satellite 950-2400 MHz TV 40-70 and 174-862MHz, FM 88-125 MHz. An MF socket is a socket with TV, FM, and satellite connections.

Macab Coaxconnector Female Metaal Zilver

Connector IEC, female, Ref: 413210, A+-class

Macab F-Connector Female / Male Nylon 6.6 Zilver

Twist-On connectors for connection to the cable without using a special crimp tool.

Macab Satelliet Mastklem 30-76 mm

Macabs pipe clamps are available in three fixed sizes for the market common mast,
38 mm, 50 mm and 76 mm. And an adjustable clamp with stop screw. The adjustable with 5277507 handle mast from 50 mm to 76. Additionally, the adjustable 0-75 mm from

Macab Montage Materialen - Rubber Tape 10 m

Vulcanized butyl rubber. Coalesces into a homogeneous mass within hours. Should be protected by a soft plastic tape / electrical tape at the risk of abrasion or impact of UV light. With protective liner. For waterproof splicing of cables and protection ag

Macab CATV Versterker 47-862 MHz 2 Uitgangen

Power adapter for Macab camping antenna Digicamp de luxe F1861002

Macab Antenne Wandcontactdoos Opbouwrand Wit

Cover suitable for standard outlet

Macab DVB-T/T2 Buitenantenne 45 dB VHF

The BOSS Techsystem featured in the DATBOSS antenna, automaticcally controls the level of the received signal (either very high or very low) in order to always ensure an optimal output level. Its new design with TForce technology, makes this intelligent d

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