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Macab Satelliet Mastklem 30-76 mm

Macabs pipe clamps are available in three fixed sizes for the market common mast,
38 mm, 50 mm and 76 mm. And an adjustable clamp with stop screw. The adjustable with 5277507 handle mast from 50 mm to 76. Additionally, the adjustable 0-75 mm from

Macab Satelliet Muurbeugel Staal 850 mm

a gable mount is a reliable and effective traction for a mast to be mounted on a property. Depending on the building's stature, there are different widths of the end brackets.

Macab Satelliet Muurbeugel Staal 75 mm / 38-50 mm

For pipes of 30 - 50 mm with 2 attachments points.

Macab Satelliet Dakbeugel 5 m / 30-50 mm

Macab chimney mount is a standard chimney mount that comes in pairs in a carton.

Macab Satelliet Mastversterker 23 dB 47-862 MHz

The most important quality is that this amplifier works with Plug & Play. Everything works without configuration. PicoKom apartment amplifier Ref. 560,601 has AGC for automatic control of gain. The band is up to 2150 MHz and can be used even when the TV /

Macab Antenne Wandcontactdoos Opbouwrand Wit

Cover suitable for standard outlet

Macab Multiswitch 1/1

Galvanic separator uses for distinguishing different network layers from each other. The separator prevents potential differences and thereby dangerous currents.

TRIS-1002/AEN separates both the inner conductor and shield apart.

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Macab CATV Versterker 35 dB 47-862 MHz 4 Uitgangen

Macab CATV Versterker 35 dB 47-862 MHz 4 Uitgangen

Catline is a range of products to, for example, to split analog or digital TV signal in a standard data cable.
TVB-01 has an IEC connector on the end and a standard RJ-45 connector on the input. TVB-02 is an amplifier with 4 RJ-45 outputs for distributio

Macab Coax-Adapter F F-Connector Female - Coax Male (IEC) Zilver

A smart transition and angular contact in one.

Macab SMA-Adapter CRC9 - SMA Female Zwart

3G/4G adapter AC-CRC9, SMA hona-CRC9. For Huawei 160, 230,17

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