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Aten 4-Poorts VGA-Splitter Zwart

The VS134A Video Splitter is a boosting device that duplicates a video signal from one source to 4 output devices. Cascadable to three levels, the VS134A provides up to 64 video signals, in addition to extending transmission distance up to 30 m, making it

HQ 2-Poorts DVI-Splitter Grijs

Sluit 2 verschillende componenten aan op de DVI aansluitingen van de schakelaar
en selecteer handmatig welk component er doorgeschakeld mag worden.
Alleen digitaal signaal wordt geschakeld.

Aten 8 x 8-Poorts HDMI Matrix Zwart

The ATEN VM0808HA 8x8 4K HDMI Matrix Switch supports 4K resolutions of UHD (3840 x 2160) and DCI (4096 x 2160) with refresh rates of 30 Hz (4:4:4) and 60 Hz (4:2:0). Ready for the future of high-definition video switching, the VM0808HA is ideal for applic

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Aten 10-Poorts 4K HDMI-Splitter Zwart

Aten 10-Poorts 4K HDMI-Splitter Zwart

The VS0110HA 4K HDMI Splitter is a perfect solution for applications that require sending one source of high-definition 4K video to ten displays at the same time. The HDMI interface caters to most mainstream sources and sinks, such as DVD players, satelli

König 2 x 4-Poorts HDMI Matrix Donkergrijs

Verbind 2 bronnen, zoals een spelcomputer of multimediaspeler, met deze matrix-schakelaar en 4 schermen. Met de matrix-schakelaar kunt u 2 bronapparaten onafhankelijk van elkaar afspelen op 4 schermen.

Valueline 2-Poorts HDMI-Splitter Zwart

Speel ultra-HD-mediabestanden af van één HDMI-bron op twee verschillende LCD-/plasma-TV’s. Deze 2-wegs HDMI-splitter ondersteunt 3D, Full HD 1080p en 4K2K-media.

Aten 2 x 2-Poorts HDMI Matrix Zwart

The VM0202H is a 2 X 2 HDMI Matrix Switch that meets HDMI Specification features including 3D, Deep Color up to 12- bit, and data rates up to 10.2 Gbps. Engineered for the future trend of high-definition video switching, the VM0202H supports computer and

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Aten 16 x 16-Poorts HDMI Matrix Zwart

Aten 16 x 16-Poorts HDMI Matrix Zwart

The VM1600 Modular Matrix Switch offers advanced access and real-time control of multiple local and remote A/V input devices and displays from a single chassis. The VM1600 allows users to independently switch and route video and/or audio content directly

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Aten 8 x 8-Poorts HDMI Matrix Zilver

Aten 8 x 8-Poorts HDMI Matrix Zilver

Connects up to 8 HDMI sources with up to 8 HDMI displays
HDMI (3D, deep colour); HDCP 1.4 compatible
Video wall: provides up to 16 connection profiles that can be customised using the web user interface for layouts
Integrated high-performance video scaler

Aten 4-Poorts Met Audio-Ondersteuning VGA-Splitter Zwart

One video input to 4 video outputs
Long distance transmission – up to 65m
EDID Expert – selects the optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up and highest quality display
Features RS-232 serial port for command controls (free download from

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Aten 8-Poorts HDBaseT HDMI-Splitter Zwart

Aten 8-Poorts HDBaseT HDMI-Splitter Zwart

One HDMI input is distributed to multiple HDMI outputs via Cat. 5e/6 network cables
Local HDMI output
Extends the transmission path to up to 100 m
HDBaseT technology: only requires one Cat. 5 cable to connect the transmitting and receiving unit

Aten 2-Poorts HDMI-Splitter Zwart

The VS182B True 4K HDMI Splitter is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to send one source of digital high definition video to two displays at the same time. It supports all HDMIenabled equipment, such as DVD players, satellite set- top boxes and al

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